In the comments of the video above, Randy Hendrix shared a classic story that he had heard from Coach Dykes:

"Spike told a story once about the first elevator he ever saw. His mother, father and himself went to Clovis, N.M. Spike and his dad saw these big silver doors that slid open and closed. They watched as one group of people went through the doors, after which it closed. When the doors reopened, an entirely different group of people exited. They stood watching with their mouths open for a few minutes when this old hunched over woman went through the doors. When the doors opened, out stepped this well dressed gorgeous woman. Spike said his father looked at him a minute then said, 'Son, go get your mother.' "

No word on if this story is legit or not, but it's a classic example of the kind of anecdote that Spike Dykes could spin at a moment's notice.

Beyond coaching ability, you will hear Coach Dykes' charm and wit among his most praised attributes, along with his toughness and just his down right personability.

On Sportsline this morning, Steve Dale summed up Coach Dykes up with one word: "Us." Dale spoke of Dykes as a man of the people who knew who he was, but related to the people.

Another story from the comment section was of a bank teller who asked for Coach Dykes' ID one day. Everyone behind the counter knew who he was -- except for the teller who had asked. The coach didn't big time the teller; he just produced his ID with a smile and went about his business.

I'm sure there are countless stories like that can be relayed about one of the all-time greatest Texas Tech coaches and personalities.

After his last game, a win against the Oklahoma Sooners: "A lot of people don't ever have any fun in their job, but I had a ball."

Just about everyone who knew Spike Dykes was affected in some way by his passing. Some took to various social media sites to express there thoughts:

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