As a plus-size woman who can't typically find my size at boutiques, I was so excited to come across Thank You For Shopping while scrolling on TikTok. This boutique is not only size-inclusive, but they carry incredibly unique clothing that you won't find in other shops around Lubbock.

Thank You For Shopping is located at 5412 Slide Road, and their shop is full of colorful designs for anyone that loves to stand out. They carry sizes XXS (2) to 5X (22) in tops, bottoms, dresses, and jackets. They also have accessories like bags, hats, jewelry, and more. Their stock doesn't stop there, because they also have beauty supplies, shoes, and home goods for you to purchase. The prices are a bit up there, but that's to be expected at a specialty boutique like this.

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If you take a look at their TikTok account, you'll see them talking about how unique their shop is, as well as showing off some of the beautiful garments they carry. You will especially see a lot of their "Puff Dresses" that are very trendy at the moment.

They also make videos talking about how proud they are to be such a unique store in Lubbock, even though not everyone likes what they sell.

Despite any hate they may receive, Thank You For Shopping has definitely reached their target audience, and I'm so glad I found them online. It's always great to find unique spots like this, especially when they are size-inclusive and produce more than just the 'meh' cookie-cutter fast-fashion we see so much of in the clothing industry today.

You can shop with them in person or order online from their official website.

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