The role of a backup quarterback in the NFL holds a a number of jobs. You have to track plays, stats and more on the sideline. You're basically an extra game day coach. As a backup you warm up the starter in between drives and tell him what you saw from you vantage point on the sideline.

You also need to provide encouragement.

"You look fast." is such an incredible line to say to someone. It's like seeing someone at the sales office you know is having a terrible week but you can't find any thing good to say about them because they aren't good so you say, "You look like you can sell!"

You know they can't. You know they suck at selling. They might be the worst salesman in the office but you find a way to compliment them. It's textbook complimenting.

Davis Webb is now going to have an even tougher job complimenting Eli Manning who got benched this weekend. It wasn't the 3rd round rookie Webb who was chosen as the new starter though. It was the 5th year Geno Smith who got the call for Eli Manning's job.

Webb will have to work even harder to complement Geno Smith who is way worse than Eli Manning. It's going to be Webb's toughest task of his young NFL career. Maybe the toughest of his entire career. Complimenting Geno Smith.

The good news for Davis Webb here is that he's now in line to make a start or at least play a considerable amount.

Maybe Eli Manning can be as good of an encourager as a back-up as Davis Webb was.

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