David Gibbs is not a wizard. He is a man. A regular Joe. Texas Tech's defense has improved this year. David Gibbs is not overwhelmed.

The truth is Gibbs is fighting a decade of neglect. Texas Tech's 2012 defense was decent, but Kansas ran for 390 on the Red Raiders that year. In 2008, the Red Raiders waited until week 11 to implode against OU. The 2009 squad was the best of the last 10 years and they allowed 375 yards per game.

During this week's Texas Tech press conference, Gibbs fielded an especially interesting question. His response wasn't surprising.

Reporter: Is this challenge more overwhelming than you thought it would be?
David Gibbs: Which challenge?
R: Your job challenge.
DG: My job challenge?
R: Yes, sir.
DG: No. It's about what I thought. Disappointed, not discouraged.

Gibbs knows he has to improve. It's something he is working toward.

"I know when you're sitting there watching the game and you're watching it on TV and everybody is like, 'why don't you put 10 guys in the box,'" he said. "You have to gap out, you have to be sound, you have to do things if you're going to improve."

Gibbs thinks he is making progress. "I'm trying to build something. Obviously it's taking some time," he said.

Gibbs also said that there is an obvious talent difference between his defense and the good teams they have played.

"We've played some really good teams, some teams that obviously you watch them come out on the field and you watch us, and it's not the same," Gibbs explained. "So we've got to do a better job recruiting, got to do a better job coaching, and the players got to do a better job playing. So obviously run defense is crazy to me."

Gibbs was asked if the talent level handcuffed his system.

"No, it doesn't really matter. You've got to go out -- whatever you have to do to go out there and stop people is what we have to do. Obviously we're limited with what we have, but that's not an excuse." Gibbs said, adding: "I'm just trying to be respectable and make them punt more, obviously, and make them kick more field goals and give our offense a chance to win the game at the end, which I've said from day one."

Gibbs finished with praise for his "kids" on the team.

"I said it earlier, our kids never quit. They didn't. They kept playing hard," Gibbs said. "They're giving everything they've got. Just got to do a better job of coaching them up and get them in better positions to make plays."

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