First of all, Coach David Gibbs is a great interview. He comes across as genuine and honest. Most surprisingly, he's not defensive at all. He's in the toughest spot out of any coach doing these rounds and he doesn't skirt around any issue. I think that says a lot about the quality of who he is as a coach.

He put forward the worst defense in the country last season, and he owns that. He also thinks he finally has a defense that can improve. "I think our linebackers finally look like Big 12 linebackers and hopefully they play like Big 12 linebackers," Gibbs said at Texas Tech Football Media Day 2017. He hopes the the linebacker unit will solidify the defense.

Gibbs couldn't say definitively if that would make the defense better but he knows the people of Lubbock deserve better. "The fans at Texas Tech who are crazy and love their football. Support us no matter what, they deserve a better product." Gibbs said, adding: "And it's our job to give them one."

Coach Gibbs is also excited to get a more experienced team on the field: "The more you do something against a high=quality competition, the better you'll be at it." Gibbs is also excited to have an "eraser" on the back end of the defense, mentioning Jah'Shawn Johnson and transfer Vaughnte Dorsey as guys who love to tackle in the defensive backfield.

"We have evolved and adapted to playing in this explosive league with lesser talent," Gibbs said bluntly. "Now our talent is closer to everyone else's."

Coach Gibbs also loves the fact that Kliff Kingsbury is more involved in the defense. Gibbs thinks has made the team closer and more unified. "This team is closer than in my first 2 years. Kliff Kingsbury has become a better coach and a better leader," he said.

I think one quote we can all take comfort in is, "We're going to play better than last year."

We hope so, Coach.

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