David Gibbs spoke to the media on National Signing Day and relayed his opinions in his frank style.

It's always special when Coach Gibbs gets behind the podium. You can feel the room swell in anticipation for what Gibbs might say, and National Signing Day was not a disappointment.

Gibbs started his Q&A stating there has been progress in the program, but there's much more room to grow at Texas Tech. Gibbs also used his opening answer to say that having a full defense coming back made it harder to recruit because most kids want to play immediately.

Patrick Curley was, on paper, a late addition to the Texas Tech class. However, Gibbs says they were in on Curley the whole season.

"He's been on our radar all year," he said. "We decided not to offer him until late because if we did I know what would have happened." Gibbs also talked about how Texas Tech was low on the pecking order in recruiting and having had so many guys poached from the class through the year.

Gibbs heaped praise on Curley saying he could do everything. He also talked at length on Xavier Benson and Jaylon Hutchings saying they were multi-sport stars, which seemed important to Coach Gibbs. Hutchings, a defensive tackle, also was a running back who ran for 700 yards as a junior.

Gibbs on Hutchings: "He ran sprints with our teams this morning and he outran every offensive and defensive linemen."

Gibbs on Benson: "He's going to get big; I've seen his daddy."

The last recruit on the defensive side is John Scott, who Gibbs said is a raw prospect, "He's got a lot of improvement to make, he knows it." Gibbs said, continuing: "He's very athletic, he can play anywhere along the defensive line."

Gibbs also said of the small number of recruits: "It's not sexy to play defense at Texas Tech," quickly adding: "It's not going to be that way next year."

Gibbs was asked about his bend-but-don't-break philosophy. "The old bend but don't break is kind of worn out around here, I've been playing that card for three years around here," he said.

Coach Gibbs finished on a positive note, saying not only are the starters back, but the backups are back and then you add the Redshirts. "That creates the competition, and in my mind that creates a good football team."

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