This is the third NFL Edition of the recurring "Mean Tweets" segment that lives on Jimmy Kimmel Live. If you just want to see the Danny Amendola burn you can fast forward to 1:56 but the whole video is hilarious.

The tweet in question comes from @isotopewildcat, and he claims: "Amendola with his mustache looks like a Burt Reynolds with the height of Sally Fields."

Now, as far as the mean tweets go, this is pretty tame. It's actually the classic misdirect compliment burn, which is when you start a person off with a compliment then use that compliment to finish off with a sick burn. To be honest, Isotope Wildcat deftly moves from compliment to burn in his mean tweet.

It's something all backhanded complimenters can aspire to. The mark of a good burn is when the burnee doesn't have a solid response, and all Amendola could muster was a weak, "That's f****d up." Mark one up for Wildcat there.

The cultural relevance is a bit outdated, but he used a timeless onscreen couple like Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields, so Isotope Wildcat gets points for that.

An updated version might be: "Amendola with his mustache looks like a Jon Snow with the height of Tyrion Lannister." Something like that.

Regardless, Amendola will be trying for his third Super Bowl ring on Sunday, February 4th, which is really all that matters.

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