Coach Kingsbury spoke to the media after the 56 - 10 win over Eastern Washington on Saturday afternoon. Kingsbury talked about his defense and running game and how both impressed him on the day. In particular Desmond Nisby and Nic Shimonek.

Ashley Wirz,
Ashley Wirz,

Kingsbury also talked about 5th year senior, 1st year starter Nic Shimonek, "He's an accurate quarterback. He's got a really good supporting cast. When he doesn't try to do too much and just goes through his reads and finds an open guy, he can throw it with
anybody." Kingsbury continued, "More than anything just happy for him after four and a half years or whatever, to grind it out, persevere, to finally get to start a game and win a game, it's awesome to see as a coach."

Desmond Nisby is a popular question in the media because he looks much different than the running backs Kliff Kingsbury has deployed in the recent past. Standing at 6'1" and well over 200 pounds Nisby is a physical force to be reckoned with, "Yeah, he's a tough, physical runner. For his first Division I action, I thought he handled himself well. We've just got to keep feeding him information and get him more comfortable in our offense." Kingsbury continued with the kicker, "But he's a big back. He's a great change-up
to some of the other guys that we have."

Ashley Wirz,
Ashley Wirz,

That's the main point for me, he's a change of pace to Justin Stockton and Demarcus Felton who both also had nice days. Nisby though is just in his first season as a Red Raider so he's still learning the ropes says Kingsbury, "We have a pretty complex offense when it comes to the running back and the way we use him as a receiver and in the blocking scheme and in the run game, in the screen game." Kingsubry finished, "So it's not just going to happen overnight, but he's been very conscientious, been up here a lot, working at it, and he's appreciative of the opportunity, so he's working hard."

For Nisby to be effective moving forward he has to be out there on several types of packages and not just the run heavy sets. There has to be a threat of something else to make him most effective.


Dakota Allen was the another notable player on Saturday. Kingsbury was asked about what he thought of Dakota Allen being back and what effect his presence had on the defense, "I think you see when he was voted team captain, he has a real presence about
himself. He's a mature young man, handles his business, has a real swagger about himself that people follow, and more than anything, I think the presence he brought back to our locker room has been really good for that defense."

Man, it's nice to have Dakota Allen back.

Speaking about the defense, "I thought defense really played hard. That's a good offensive football team. They've scored on every team they play, every Division I team. They put a lot of point, a lot of yards, really good quarterback, good schemes." Kingsbury continued, "so I thought they played hard, created turnovers, got a stop on 4th down, so that probably stood out to me more than anything was their overall effort."


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