Clayton Hatfield is getting recognized for his accomplishments, in fact, he's one of two Red Raiders on the preseason all-Big 12 team. He know's there's room for improvement though and he's got some big goals from just winning all the way up to, "Make a bowl game and win a conference championship."

Physically, Clayton Hatfield is really good at kicking. One of the best in the nation. His offseason improvement has been focused on his mental make up. He wants to slow himself down this year, "Last year I got a head of myself.  Games got kind of big and I missed some important kicks." Hatfield continued, "This year I'll be able to slow it down take it one kick at a time."

Hatfield went further into it talking about avoiding the emotion of the high flying offense when he is trying to focus on making extra points, "Trying to stay calm in the game with our offense," Hatfield said talking about the fast pace, "We're on the 40 and the next thing you know it's a 60 yard touchdown." Hatfield said to combat the emotion he has to slow down mentally and, "stay out of the whole emotion."

The Double T being taken away frustrates Hatfield the most because it seriously hinders his closet options, "It's frustrating, I've got 50 shirts at home I can't wear."

The most obvious statement, and where Hatfields battle with his mental game really started was when Hatfield listed Oklahoma State as the team he wants to face the most, "I just really want to bounce back."

You hardly ever hear of a football player talk about taking emotion out of the game, but the points Hatfield made are very important for his success this season and something I hope he can figure out. There's nothing worse for a kicker than to be in your own head.

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