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Wednesday (October 21st), Brittany Matthews shared a beautifully edited video of her and Patrick Mahomes' gender reveal,'s a girl!

As you can see, there's multiple reveals in the video, including my favorite: Steel & Silver, the couple's dogs, walking down an aisle with pink paw prints. Then pink confetti, a chic denim jacket, and on to the more common gender reveal: cannons. Her friends and family did a stellar job, obviously.

It's been a pretty creepy and dark year, so it's really nice to see this happy moment. Many folks have tweeted their congratulations, and I'm not alone in finding the inclusion of the older siblings Steel and Silver as absolutely darling.

Patrick Mahomes is a star in more ways than one. Not only is he incredible at football, he's also a really good person without any of the toxic BS that sometimes accompanies athletes of his caliber (or anyone with that amount of wealth and fame).

Brittany is amazing, too. Her incredibly likable and sleek Instagram videos are entertaining, and man, do I wish I had those Influencer chops, because I doubt she's paid for an outfit in a long time.

Congrats to this beautiful couple, and thank you for sharing a beautiful, private moment with your fans. They don't have to put their lives on display, but it's nice that they do, because it's so nice to see good things happening for good people.

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