Since the moment Red Raider fans heard the news that freshman quarterback Baker Mayfield was leaving the Texas Tech football program in late November, there have been many speculations as to why he choose to leave the team at such a crucial time.  They finally got their answer on Thursday in an interview he had with ESPN's Big 12 reporter Jake Trotter.

Trotter started the interview by asking Baker "What was the reason that you decided to leave Texas Tech after being the starting quarterback to end the regular season?"  He respond with a lengthy answer, but basically stating his treatment during his injury early in the year and the situation once he returned from injury.  The issue of a scholarship was also brought up as a reason for him leaving the team.

Another question asked during the interview was "So when you told Coach Kingsbury, what was his reaction and what was that conversation like?"  Mayfield's answer to that was "I mean, he was shocked, although he was quoted saying he knew one of the quarterbacks was going to transfer. He was shocked to think it was me leaving. And he was saying how he had been behind me the whole time. I had no idea because of the miscommunication and the lack of communication, really. And not knowing what he was thinking. I mean, if you gave me another chance to go through it again, I still wouldn’t think he was behind me, and I was his guy the whole time. I know he did give me the opportunity to start in the first place, and I’m thankful for that. I worked my butt off to get there, and I thank for him for taking a chance on me -- starting a walk-on quarterback. But after that, when he was rotating us, there was no explanation."

ESPN's Jake Trotter finally gave Texas Tech fans a little closure as it pertains to one of the stranger situations this program has ever faced.  If you want to read the entire interview click here.