You might think I sound like a broken record talking about Patrick Mahomes, the best quarterback and the face of the NFL. But now, Mahomes is literally a broken record.

St. Louis-based artist Lindsay Wanner built an incredible likeness of the star quarterback out of broken records. The artwork makes Mahomes look like a comic book character, with a 3D feel and incredible detail for the fact that it's made from a pile of broken pieces.

The title of the piece is aptly named, "Go Long," and it's eight feet tall and four feet wide.

You can buy the Patrick Mahomes artwork at Wanner's website. It's only $10,000. That's worth it, right? You can also buy a metal print for only $399.00.

Wanner also has artwork featuring Nolan Ryan as a Texas Ranger, Randy Orton, Johnny Cash, Katy Perry and more.

Wanner uses broken records as her medium often, but it really does work perfectly for Patrick Mahomes, who has been breaking NFL records since his first year as the full time starter in 2018.

Through the 25-game mark in Mahomes' career, he's held the record for most passing yards through 25 career games and the most touchdowns through 25 games. He had the highest passer rating and most completions through 25 games in the history of the NFL. He had 16 300-yard games through 25 starts, another NFL record.

Broken records and Patrick just makes sense.

Patrick Mahomes: From East Texas To NFL Stardom


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