Word on the street is that everyone's favorite dollar store, Dollar Tree, is raising their prices. It's a bit odd, given that their claim to fame is that every item in the store only costs $1.

According to BestLife, the increase in pricing is due to cost increases within the company, some of which were likely caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dollar Tree was faced with labor shortages in-store and in warehouses in recent years, and in order to get folks back in there working, they had to raise the pay and throw out some incentives.

Customers will now be footing the bill. Bummer.

The company said it "will begin testing additional price points above $1 in selected legacy Dollar Tree stores." However, it's not been made clear which stores this change will come to, or exactly when.

They will not be getting rid of $1 items altogether, but they are going to add a wider variety of products that are a bit more expensive. They already have a "Dollar Tree Plus" section with items that go up to $5, so it's not a totally new concept for them.

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This sort of makes you wonder how Dollar Tree will be at all different from every other dollar store out there. The cool thing about their store and what made them unique was that everything you came across was only $1.

I remember when the first one opened in Lubbock and how much fun it was to walk in with 20 bucks and walk out with a bunch of cheap stuff, even some name-brand items. You get a bit of a thrill getting those great deals, even if the quality is questionable.

Do you think the price increase will keep you from shopping at Dollar Tree? Or does it even really matter at all? It's the novelty of a store having tons of items that all cost $1 that does it for me. Without that, it's just another dollar store.

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