Just over a month ago, a man was caught taking inappropriate photos of a Texas Tech student in a Lubbock Walmart.

The video the woman took of him blew up on TikTok and exposed his disgusting behavior for everyone to see. We thought that would be the end of it and he would be too ashamed to try and create any commotion. But of course, that's not the case.

When the video of the man started blowing up, many TikTok creators were responding to the clip and showing their distaste for the man. TikToker Michael, or @tizzyent, who has 3.4 million followers for finding these types of videos and exposing their poor behavior, has posted three videos involving this man from Lubbock.

The first video was of his initial reaction to the situation. In that post, he explains how he wishes he could have been there to "curb-stomp the absolute pisswater out of this guy."

Warning: NSFW Language

Part of this TikToker’s mission with posting these videos is to try and find out who exactly the people are and expose their identities to the public.

He managed to do just that. Four days ago, about a month after the first video was made, he posted an update with the man's information. He exposed his full name along with photos from his Facebook profile and where he lives. Fortunately for Lubbock, but not so much for another West Texas city, he seems to currently reside in Midland.

Warning: NSFW Language

Now, you'd think this would be the last we'd hear from this man. He's been publicly shamed and ridiculed to the point that most people would probably go MIA. But not Haley. He decides to turn around and threaten to sue Michael for defamation of character. Or, as he called it in his message, "deformation of character."

In his usual way, Michael then continues to ridicule and expose this man. Not only does he explain how silly it is for Haley to think he can sue in this scenario, but he also pairs his explanation as to why he thinks he’s a bad man with a slew of screenshots.

These screenshots are of messages from Haley threatening others, trying to reason as to why his behavior was okay, and making racist remarks.

Warning: NSFW Language

It is absolutely disgusting to see this behavior, and I give props to Michael for speaking up about this issue. We can only hope that he feels ashamed for his actions and won't be harassing anyone anymore, but I doubt that’ll be the case.

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