Jones AT&T Stadium was built in 1947 as Clifford B. and Audrey Jones Stadium and had an original capacity of 27,000. In 1959 and 1972, The Jones went through two fairly large renovations to get the seating up near 50,000.

In 2003, The Jones was updated in a big way thanks to a $52 million project that brought the stadium into the new millennium. The stadium was also renamed Jones SBC stadium in 2000, before being renamed Jones AT&T Stadium in 2006.

The stadium underwent more renovations in 2009, 2014 and 2016, completely transforming it. Jones AT&T Stadium currently seats 60,454, which is good enough for the 44th largest in the country. It will also be the second largest stadium in the Big 12 once Texas and Oklahoma scuttle off to the SEC.

I myself have been to close to 50 Texas Tech games over the course of my lifetime and never had a bad experience. Let me rephrase that: I was never disappointed by the stadium or atmosphere. I could live without the 2006 Missouri game, or the Halloween Night game against Oklahoma State.

There are way more wins in my memory though like beating Texas A&M while I was sitting in the grass on the south endzone or watching Taurean Henderson totally cross the goal line while I was ducking the wind in the wind block to the concourse.

I'll always love The Jones and it will always be my favorite college football stadium, but I'm totally biased and kind of craving a Raider Wrap. Don't take it from me that The Jones is (mostly) incredible.

Read what these fine folks have to say about it:

29 (Mostly) Great Reviews Of Jones AT&T Stadium

Most everyone loves Jones AT&T Stadium, the home of Texas Tech football, but there seems to be a recurring theme with the fans. I love the Texas Tech fans, people from Oklahoma do not.

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