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You're favorite first-world problem series is back, yet again.

I figured that since I would be moving into a new apartment complex with my partner in about a month or so that I wouldn't have too many complaints left in me. We were about to get away from everything that bugged us, right? Well, it turns out my partner's complex still had some spice left in them.

My partner comes home after a long day of work to find that it reeks of paint fumes. You couldn't be in there for more than a few minutes. He says it gave him a headache just standing in there for a bit trying figure out what was wrong.

You may be wondering: "Did they paint the apartment?" No, they painted the apartment next door, but it was still so intense that neither my partner nor his roommate were able to stay there that night. You'd probably kill off a good chunk of brain cells if you tried to sleep there.

When tenants move out, the apartment gets touched up. That's common. You clean it up, maybe even renovate it a little bit so it's nicer for whoever decides to stay there next. A fresh coat of paint? Seems fair.

However, if you know you're going to be painting a unit that shares vents with the one next to it, maybe a heads up would be in order? You know, so your current tenants don't think they have a gas leak or something?

It was an easy fix. He stayed the night at my place and I will never complain about that. The situation itself is just frustrating. I mean, they have a cat! You can't have the little guy breathing in those fumes all day.

Hopefully once we move into our new place, the complaints will slow down or stop altogether. Who knows? Maybe we'll have even more fun things to complain about...

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