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A whole slew of Lubbock's wishes and prayers have been answered as of today (July, 29th, 2021) as you can now obtain all of those fried Allsup's favorites actually in Lubbock. My mouth is already watering.

Yes Way convenience store on 4th & Toledo has the items available in that signature heat box we all lovingly gaze into on those out-of-town pitstops. Now you don't have to be commuting or road-tripping to get this special treat. Outlying areas can tone down the Allsup's-related smugness, but we do promise to still visit you frequently since a lot of us have family and friends 'round those parts.

I'm sure many of us will continue the time-honored tradition of getting a burrito, a chimi, a corn dog, maybe some mini tacos, etc., etc. as we hit the road for Dallas or Austin or wherever.

Big shout-out to our buddy Topher Covarrubio for grabbing photos of the goods for us.

First: The beacon announcing you've reached fried food flavortown:

Topher Covarrubio

Mmm...sausages, hamburgers, and more -- oh my!

Topher Covarrubio

Topher's well-deserved haul for making the trip:

Topher Covarrubio

And you can even grab the chips. Smoking Hot Nachos for me, please. As a woman, I of course love hot chips:

Topher Covarrubio

I'm sure Yes Way will be frying up a storm the next few days. Lubbock certainly loves anything newly available. So I'd encourage you to be kind and patient and remember that hey, at least you're not driving 20 minutes to Idalou to get your fix.

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