The Texas Tech University campus is always under some sort of construction. Whether it's a new athletics facility, a new theater or simply renovations to a preexisting building, something is always being worked on.

I found the school's ‘Vision and Planning’ webpage that lists all of the construction plans for not only Texas Tech University, but Angelo State University and the TTU Health Sciences Centers in both Lubbock and El Paso.

Whether you're a donor or a student and wondering where your money might be going at the university, it might be funding some of these projects. Your generous contribution could be part of the $2,500,000 budget for the Sneed Hall bathroom renovations.

Some of the new construction projects include a music multi-purpose performance facility and a football training facility. These two projects have a combined budget of $75,000,000 dollars and over 200,000 square feet of space. It beats me as to why they're building another training facility, but if it improves the team's performance at all then maybe it'll be worth it.

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The projects that have the largest budgets are Jones AT&T Stadium's south end zone renovation with a $50,000,000 budget, and the academic science building and engineering complex renovation with a budget of $131,200,000. These projects are based on a 10-year plan, so it will be interesting to see when they are completed and how much of the budgets were actually used.

This is only a glimpse of the projects they have planned. There are even more listed on the site and they say there are others that are not currently listed. It is crazy how much money the university has for construction like this. I'm sure a lot of it is thanks to the generous donors and alumni that contribute to the university's expansion.

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