We talked to Xavier Benson at Texas Tech's football media day and asked him what he felt about being named on watch lists and being named by coaches as a player to look out for in 2019.

"It makes me feel like I worked for something I earned," he told us. Benson is excited to fit into the new scheme that has a tailor-made position where he can excel.

Benson fit into the defense and the strides the team made in the off-season has him feeling confident in 2019.

"I really believe we can win a big 12 title don't care what nobody has to say about that, you can mark my words," he said. "Especially with this new staff that we got."

That staff has spurred a team-wide transformation physically. We asked Benson what motivated that type of wholesale change. "We got tired of being the smallest team in the Big 12," Benson said bluntly. A fact, he says, was reiterated by Broderick Washington in summer workouts.

Another reason Benson feels good about this next season is the sentiments of his new head coach Matt Wells: "We chose y'all." The new staff has made the team feel at home, and in just seven months, it seems like they're several steps ahead of the game.

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