The great state of Texas, otherwise known as the Lone Star State, is known for many things. We are home to the Alamo, have the best barbeque, and we grow delicious pecans.

Texas loves its pecans so much, that the pecan tree is the state tree. The pecan tree is the largest species of hickory and is native to Texas and other south-central parts of the United States. The rich and buttery nuts found that make delicious pies and snacks are actually the seed of the fruit produced by the pecan tree.

Texas is in the top two producers of pecans, and it is the only commercially grown nut they produce. The wood of the tree is also a great option for making furniture, hardwood flooring, and smoking meats.

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Now that we have gone over a bit of the history of Texas’ state tree, let’s take a look at an incredibly talented woodworker that recently crafted something out of pecan wood.

Woodworker and TikToker, Justin Davies, recently started a series where he crafts each individual state out of their state tree, eventually wanting to for a complete map. During these videos, he shows the process of tracing, cutting, and finishing the wood from each state while sharing a bit of history about the state's connection to their chosen tree.

It is amazing to see such beautiful craftsmanship while being able to learn a bit more about different states. Woodworking is one of those crafts that take so much time and patience, so for Davies to take the time to not only make this map of state trees but also take the time to teach his viewers about them, is amazing to see.

You can find more woodworking videos including the other states he has made so far on his TikTok page @jdisjustin.

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