Renovations have begun for a new book store set to open up in downtown Lubbock this fall. Wild Lark Books, located at the end of Broadway, will soon be filled with bespoken treasures. Their grand opening is set for December 7th.

On Facebook, they posted:

2,500 sq/ft. 5,000 books. 495 feet of shelves. 800 sq/ft meeting space for events and private rentals. Full kitchen. Warehouse. And so many memories and cups of tea to be made and enjoyed! We're moving along with the building plans and staying on course for our mid-November open.

Not only will this be a book store, but also a publisher for independent authors. Which means for all you authors out there, they will help you publish, but you get keep the rights to your book and earn higher royalties on all sales.

But how did this get started you ask? On their website it says:

Wild Lark Strategies began in 2018 as a sales and marketing consulting company that serves small and medium-sized businesses. In 2019, the founder of Wild Lark Books, Brianne van Reenen, traveled to the northern-most corner of Scotland and discovered stories of her ancestral past in a damp, cluttered bookshop manned by a Scotsman comfortably perched behind a towering pile of spines reading his newspaper. It was then that Wild Lark Books began to take form.

After witnessing many authors in the writing community spend years tirelessly attempting to earn representation through an agent and petition publishers for publication through traditional paths, the vision for Wild Lark Books grew.

Along with all these opportunities located at 513 Broadway Street, they also started The Wild Lark Books Fund. It's a nonprofit dedicated to lifting voices of historically underserved writers. The goal, making it adorable and accessible to everyone to be published.

To find out more information, check out their website here.

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