A video recently went viral on TikTok of a father expressing his concern over how some of his daughter’s favorite dolls look.

He starts the video by showing a couple of Disney dolls that he likes and approves of his daughter playing with. Then he gets into the dolls that are apparently his daughter’s favorite, but he doesn’t like.

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The dolls in question are the L.O.L. Surprise dolls, which are one of the latest styles of dolls that have gained a large following. They have a standard doll that is about the size of a Barbie, as well as the ‘baby’ versions that are much smaller.

These dolls remind me of Bratz dolls with large heads and curvy bodies, but even more extreme. Not only are the doll's figures fairly mature, but they are scantily dressed as well. Most of the dolls are in some form of fishnets and what looks like underwear, and the dad that made the TikTok is not happy about it.

Many people in the comments agree with the father that these dolls are inappropriate for children. Some even brought up how Monster High and Bratz dolls were canceled for being too scary or poorly influencing kids’ attitudes, but these dolls are deemed okay for kids. Many people are commenting on not only the lingerie-like outfits but the unobtainable body standard as well.

On the other end, there are people defending the dolls and saying that the father’s perception of them is what’s wrong. They think that the father shouldn’t be teaching his daughter that it’s okay to sexualize someone or something simply due to what they're wearing.

I can see where both sides are coming from, but I am not a parent myself, so I can’t speak on if I’d allow my child to play with these dolls or not. However, I do think that the way a doll looks or what message it comes with is up to the parent to filter.

If you don’t want to buy those dolls because they look like that, then that's great. If you think they are cute and don’t find any issues with how they look, then that's also great. I don’t think a company should stop making their dolls because some people don’t like them, I think the parent should simply purchase the toys they deem appropriate for their child.

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