Have you seen the changing scene of skeletons at this home in Wolfforth?

The Barrett Family started this tradition as a fun way to let the neighborhood enjoy Halloween and it took off. Starting with only a couple skeletons, they now own a 12-foot-one to show off their charm.

Every day during the month of October you can head on out to the Barrett house at 312 Sooner St. in Wolfforth, Texas and enjoy a new scene! Don't be spooked; pictures are a must when you go.

It started as 10 days worth at first and Stacey Barrett said so many people were asking to do it all month and so they did it! They ride in on their Jeeps for their first day of October fun and disappear after Halloween night! From camp fires, proposals, jeep rides, golf and so many more fun activities you will never know what you will see. While Halloween is known to be scary, this is not that.

The effort the Barrett family puts into this display is amazing. From all the unique creative ideas every year, props and even multiple skeletons in all shapes and sizes! Stacey says they get all the props from garage sales and Goodwill all year long to try and make it new and original every year. But why they put some much work into it, they do it for the joy of the children!

Make sure you keep an eye out for Texas Tech homecoming week when they get all the Raider Red gear out and ideas for the full week! The horse and masked past rider might even make an appearance.

Now if you can't make it by every day, do not worry -- you can check them out on a Facebook group where Stacey posts pictures for everyone to enjoy. You can check those out here.

Make sure you are out there on Halloween for all the spooky fun and trick-or-treating!

Barrett Family Skeletons in Wolfforth, Texas

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