Shocking footage from a Ring doorbell camera in Forney, Texas shows a 9-year-old boy banging on the door of a black family's house before slapping it repeatedly with a whip. A woman answers the door and demands that the child leave her property before she calls the police. Then, things escalate even further.

The Nash family went to speak with the boy's father to show him the video of his son, but it seems like the dad didn't really listen or care much about their complaints. He is later seen standing with a gun behind his back and allegedly accidentally fires it in the direction of his own daughter who was standing a few feet behind him.

Thankfully, the man was arrested by the police before things got worse.

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The incident apparently stemmed from a bullying situation between the boy and the Nash family's daughter that took place on a walk home from school.

What if the little girl had answered the door? Would the 9-year-old boy have hit her with the whip? He definitely looks like he was there to do something and it's absolutely appalling.

The saddest part about this incident? The behavior of the little boy. Children are not born racist. They mimic the adults in their lives and learn right and wrong from their parents, teachers, and guardians. Racism is learned. There's really no way you can watch this video without getting the feeling that this child was taught that this was an okay way to handle problems.

It's downright disgusting and really hard to swallow. You can watch the video of the incident below.

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