You can be the Longhorns, just not those Longhorns.

Looks like the University of Texas just became aware of Payson high school over in Arizona. That school is also the Longhorns and their logo is exactly like it is in Austin. Instead of burnt orange, the logo is purple or yellow. Well the University is making this high school change their logo.

"It's been here forever, for as long as I know,” said Jeff Simon, the principal of Payson High School. That logo is copyrighted and the people of Payson said they know the law is the law. They were hoping they could pay the University a yearly royalty to use the logo, but they said no. This is gonna be really bad for the school. The reason they wanted to pay that royalty is because it is estimated to cost the school $30,000 to remove the logo.

The big cost will be replacing the basketball court that has a giant longhorn at half court. UT has given the high school ten years to phase everything out. The school year just started and a new logo will be voted on in the next couple of weeks. The school says they plan on staying the Longhorns.

"We will always be Longhorns. They’ll never take that out of us. But we'll just change the look of the longhorn,” said Simon.

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