CBS Sports takes rankings to a new level every year by spinning polls on their head and putting out a 'Bottom 25' to combat the positive energy of the 'Top 25'. It's a balance that we strive for as humans. Heading into week three the first rankings are out and boy is it exciting to have two Big 12 teams among the worst in College football.

We can go ahead and chalk up the Jayhawks to be on the list. "NOT SO FAST," Lee Corso interjects in his dismissive condescending style. There is a new king of the pits in Kansas and that is the Wildcats of Kansas State who have started 1-1 after struggling with an FCS opponent and getting beat handily by the Miss St. Bulldogs.

Bill Snyder's team comes in at number 24 on the list between Texas State and Rice. Way to represent the Lonestar State guys.

So if there are two teams on the list the second one has to be Kansas right? No, you cynical grump. The Jayhawks dominated Central Michigan to excuse themselves from debuting on the Bottom 25. The worst team in the Big 12, and the 15th worst in the country are the Iowa State Cyclones, and it feels like home.

I know they only played one game and got beat by a power 5 team but you can't argue with math. The curator of the Bottom 5, Tom Fornelli explains Iowa State's appearance like this, "Iowa State isn't here for its performance as much as it is for its small sample size. Unfortunately for the Cyclones, with Oklahoma up next, they might be sticking around for a while. Or they'll just beat the Sooners again like they did last year."

Iowa State probably won't finish in the Bottom 25 but it's fun to kick them while they are down. For what it's worth, Texas Tech comes in at 81st on the rankings. A full six spots behind the 75th ranked Kansas Jayhawks. So, go ahead Kansas, celebrate this week before heading back to the basement.

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