It looks like I will finally get to see what all the fuss is about at Twisted Root Burger Co. The burger joint is reopening in Lubbock this week, and I can't wait to check them out.

I've read chatter online about how delicious their food is, and I know that Renee Raven is dying to try it, too. Neither of us got the chance to give it a shot before it was closed down back in 2020. I can imagine you'll find us there chomping some homemade pickles pretty soon.

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The restaurant boasts a wide array of burgers, like the BIG TEX (cheddar, guac, fried onion strings, and chipotle sauce), the GOSH JAM IT (goat cheese, tomato-bacon-onion jam, chipotle sauce) and THE WESTERN (pepper jack cheese, bacon, fried onion strings, and pickled jalapenos), along with many other yummy options.

They also have vegan and vegetarian options, which makes me a super-huge fan already.

I've noticed a few people gushing online over the Twisted Cheese Fries. What Texan doesn't love a good plate of cheese fries? They even do an International Twisted Cheese Fries option that changes periodically and praises every style of cheese fry from all over the world.

Praise that cheese. Praise it.

You can also get a good old fashion root beer float that is served with a toasted marshmallow on top or a Twisted "Thick" Shake. Lord have mercy.

I'm lactose intolerant, but after perusing the menu, I will have to make an exception and eat a bunch of cheese fries and a shake now. I'm sorry in advance to my boyfriend that has to sleep next to me, but it will be worth it.

Oh, and they have booze. Yes! Lots of different kinds, too. Cocktails, beers, wine, you name it. Perfect.

See you soon, Twisted Root.

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