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People always like to compare states to see which state is the best. People judge a state by things to do, best places to live, and of course jobs. YouGov recently wanted to find out which state people found to be the best and the results are, well a little surprising.

Here's how the study went, people were asked to choose which state was better in a head to head matchup. States were rated based on their "win percentage". In other words, how often did a state in battle?

According to YouGov. all 50 states were shown and so was Washington D.C. which isn't a state. So which state was number one? It may not surprise anyone that Hawaii took first place.

Hawaii, which is well-known for its beautiful beaches and warm weather, took the top spot by winning 69% of its matchups. With its scenic mountains, hiking paths, and recreational marijuana industry, Colorado took second place with 65% of matches won.

Okay, Hawaii first place and Colorado second. That's not how I would have started the rankings, but let's look at 3-10 on the list.

3. Virginia (really?) 4. Nevada (This was all about Las Vegas) 5. North Carolina (how?) 6. Florida (too low) 7. Arizona 8. New York 9. Georgia and then finally 10. Texas.

10th? Texas? Texas has mountains, beaches, desert, forests, urban, and rural. We've got pro-sports teams, college teams, and of course high school football. Texas deserves to be at least in the top ten, if not first or second place. Texas has it all. Sure, we may not be built on Volcanos that spew lava, but we have nice beaches and if you don't like ours, a flight to other nice beaches is much shorter than going to Hawaii.

By the way, D.C. ranked 51st. The study participants nailed that one.

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