A pair of Red Raiders lost their home in a fire over the weekend. On April 9th, Zacharie and Elizabeth Graham were the victims of a fire that severely damaged their home. Zacharie, Elizabeth and their young son were unharmed, but their puppy was not able to be saved.

As always when a personal tragedy befalls someone in Red Raider Nation, fellow alumni had their back, immediately asking how to help. Graham said on Twitter that the family had been overwhelmed with diapers for their son and other donations, but with limited space they weren't asking for anything else at the moment.

Graham did relay the Venmo account of his wife if anyone wanted to make a donation to the family in their time of need. The Venmo account username is @Eligrm.

Pete Christy reported that not only had Red Raider alums reached out via social media, former Texas Tech basketball player Terrence Shannon, Jr. visited the family with a basketball and some gear.

When news broke that Shannon was entering the transfer portal the team wasn't even back from San Francisco, where they lost to Duke in the Sweet 16. A lot of Red Raider fans were miffed that Shannon announced his decision so early, but failed to realize it wasn't Shannon breaking the news, but a CBS basketball reporter.

A lot of people questioned Shannon's integrity and called him selfish, citing body language and taking late shots in games as their reasoning.

Here's what I've seen from Shannon in the last three seasons. I've seen a selfless player that played his role as a true freshman in 2020. Then, a star who offered to come off the bench to make the team better in 2021. Finally, a man who left the NBA Draft to play for Mark Adams after calling him the only coach he'd play at Texas Tech for. Through multiple injuries, Shannon stayed on the court for Adams this season, then made a decision that was best for his future.

Moments like this make me an even bigger Terrence Shannon, Jr. fan than I already was and reinforces that his time at Texas Tech was a great example of a great player sacrificing personal gain for the betterment of the team.

Prayers go out to the Graham family, and best wishes to Shannon on his next step.

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