A Lubbock resident and NextDoor user posted a photo of their most recent Atmos bill and it is STEEP -- $503.12, to be exact.

The Atmos customer claimed that last month's bill was only about $60. The difference between the two is astronomical and it really makes you wonder how people are surviving out here in Lubbock.

The caption with the customer's photo of the bill reads:

"My atmos bill $503.12 im sick to my stomach that I have to pay this. Makes me sad that there are people out there that have to chose between keeping their family warm or food on the table! ANYONE ELSE HAVE A BILL LIKE MINE?"

As a single person who lives alone, there's truly no way that I could afford that kind of increase in my bill. Luckily, mine has been pretty much the same as always. But that isn't the case for countless others who're claiming their bills have skyrocketed in recent months.

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One commenter even said that their bill was $856.10. Holy crap! That's coming close to rent prices for a lot of us. Can you imagine essentially having to pay your rent twice? No, thank you.

I've written a million articles about how much I loathe LP&L and all the shady stuff that goes on with them, but for once I'm actually glad they're my provider. It seems like my bill with them hasn't gone up too much recently. Everyone is pointing fingers at Atmos Energy right now.

Is your gas bill insanely high? Send us a photo of it (blurring out all the sensitive info first, of course) and tell us about your bill if it doesn't seem normal to you. We're trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

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