Lubbock has a surprisingly awesome Thai food scene, but unfortunately Sundays seem to suck all of the fun out of everything. Some of us would rather eat Pad Thai on the couch and sip on a beer than sit through a sermon. That said, here's a humble plea for more Thai restaurants to open on Sunday.

Currently, there's only one spot open in Lubbock on Sundays that I know of, and that is totally not enough! Have you ever had Thai food? It's the friggin' bee's knees! It should totally be enjoyed to the fullest 7 days a week.

Everyone always talks about craving Chick-fil-A on Sundays and then getting bummed out when they remember it's closed. Realizing Thai food is unavailable on Sundays gives out the same vibes in my household. Desperation ensues and someone always ends up volunteering to make the pilgrimage across town to the only restaurant open, and then stand in line forever with the other people that drove way over there to pick up lunch.

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If you're sitting around wondering whether or not you should keep your Thai restaurant open on Sundays, the answer is clear: Yes! How is Lubbock supposed to enjoy their weekend properly without the best food in town to soothe Sunday morning hangovers? There's truly nothing better than a huge plate of noodles and a bowl of spicy soup when you feel like trash after partying on campus.

What do you think? Would you order more Thai food on Sunday if you could? Is it just me? Maybe it's just me... Nah, that's impossible. I see those Sunday lines. I know you guys all know where the best food in town is too. Somebody, have mercy!

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