"I don't want to be a team that [says], 'Hey, let's just get two stops a half and we're just gonna outscore people.'"

That's how Joey McGuire opened the third episode of The Brand. 

In episode 1, we met the team and coaching staff. In episode 2, we met the quarterbacks and running backs. We also heard more from Myles Price. Now, in episode 3, it was 30 minutes dedicated to the Red Raiders' defense.

Defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter claimed the Red Raiders are going to play elite defense and talked about how teams that can do that win Big 12 championships. He also got into "Take Three University," which is the new mantra on defense in Lubbock.

McGuire and DeRuyter are focused on takeaways in 2022. Not turnovers, that's something the offense does, according to DeRuyter. The team wants to take the ball away and create an environment to do that.

Another player spotlight that was really cool in the episode was Rabbit. McGuire talked about Taylor-Demerson finding his why during spring football after Rabbit's daughter was born. Rabbit talked to the team when he returned from his daughter being born and thanked the team and coaches for their love and support.

The moment echoes an earlier moment of the series when Myles Price talked about the team being more like a family in 2022 and not just an offense and defense.

In the Kliff Kingsbury Era, I don't think the defense was ever singled out and lauded as a key piece to the team. They were just along for the ride. In the Matt Wells Era, the defense improved but didn't really click as a unit on all three levels.

The episode also brought plenty of beautiful footage of practice and all the scenes of spring practice.

The episode 4 teaser set up the culmination of both The Brand and spring practice. It'll feature the Spring Game with a behind-the-scenes look.

Watch the entire third episode of Texas Tech Football's The Brand below.

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