Tulips famously hail from a very different climate than Texas - Holland.

Holland is home to huge farms of lovely, colorful tulips.

But now there's a tulip field you can visit right here in Texas. And you can pick your own tulips and bulbs!

Texas Tulips is located in Pilot Point, north of Dallas. Both the original bulbs and the proprietor, Pieter Koeman, are from Holland.

Their website explains the choice to come to Texas of all places:

We visited Texas several times, loved what we saw, and finally decided to set up a tulip company in Pilot Point Texas. We found the perfect fusion of fertile soil, country charm within the DFW-Metroplex, and nice weather during the spring season in the gentle, rolling hills north of Dallas. It also fulfilled one of our greatest wishes—to be able to meet the people who buy our tulips!

So why Texas tulips? Because Pieter has had years to cultivate his tulips to meet with soil and weather conditions more like our own. These tulips grow better in warmer states, like our own.

Now we have missed the boat to plant this year. However, you can pre-order bulbs shipped to you if you don't want to make the trip all the way to the DFW Metroplex. The varieties offered take my breath away. The fiery "Texas Flame" and the lovely purple "Negrita" are my personal favorites.

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