The Shack, a former Lubbock barbeque restaurant that closed last June, announced on Facebook Sunday, March 14th that there's a plan to reopen the eatery soon.

The Shack said via a post on Facebook that the new owner of the restaurant "doesn’t want to change a thing," and the same main pitmaster and morning cook will return.

"We will be reopening soon, the main pitmaster and morning cook that did all the sides are coming back and Kelly and I will be part of the training for reopening. Sorry it took so long but the new owner doesn’t want to change a thing. Will have more details soon about a reopen date," The Shack’s Facebook post said.

The last few posts before the announcement had been about the sell or leasing of the building, I guess a deal got done. The "Kelly and I" referenced in the post are Kelly and Kyle Farris, the original owners of The Shack, who will still be involved in the new version.

A date has not been named for the reopening date, but when it does open I'll be in line over at 2309 North Frankford Avenue. I'll order the loaded potato salad with a two meat combo featuring sliced brisket and ribs like they never left. Give me a banana pudding, too -- I'm not driving.

This is incredible news, not only for the Farrises, who have worked incredibly hard to make a wonderful eatery, but for the city of Lubbock who get to bask in the glorious spoils of their efforts.

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