According to Distractify, Texans have some really...Texan online shopping habits.

While I was buying Bowie-esque glitter boots and an obsessive amount of sample boxes like a normal person, y'all were being a little weird. Using Google data from Estately, here are what Texans most want to purchase (unique from other states):

Confederate flag bumper sticker / Igloo mini fridge / Hillary toilet paper / urinary catheter / truck gun rack / motorized kayak (the Rascal of kayaks) / cowboy hat rack / boot-cut jeans / five-toe shoes / 90s overalls / Daisy Duke shorts / leather cuffs / concealed carry corset / Nazi memorabilia / casket sprays / waterless urinal

I'm pretty damn disappointed by Texas' Nazi memorabilia obsession, but the concealed carry corset sounds kinda bad-ass. I don't even know what five-toe shoes are, but can we back away slowly from the 90s overalls? Those were never, ever actually cute on anyone, not even in the 90s.

Of course, other states are into weird/embarrassing stuff, too. More people in Tennessee want an actual crack pipe than anywhere else, and in Florida they want Guy Fieri cookware. Personally, I have never had any desire to go to Flavortown.

Colorado wants Borat mankinis because that joke totally isn't already ancient, and California, of course, wants Bob Marley posters. The complete list is hilarious -- except for Illinois, the state that most wants Golden Girls mugs, which is something I would totally be proud to display in my home.

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