The Masters. The best weekend of April where golfers compete for the chance to wear the special green jacket. Man, I can even smell the perfectly-mowed grass from here.

Really, though, what's better than laying on your couch watching men do amazing things with a golf ball? You sit there and wonder, 'What's their secret?' while also occasionally taking a quick cat nap because that's what you can do when you watch golf. Every golfer is good, the game is slow and the crowd is quiet. With the occasional clap, it's perfect. Nothing screams a Sunday like golf does.

Now, the Masters on the other hand, is the only major golf championship that is played at the same course each time, in the beautiful city of Augusta, Georgia. The Masters is probably the one tournament that every professional golfer wants to win in their career. The talent that these golfers have, and the way they just gently swing the club is captivating.

Every year, normal people that watch it like you and I wonder why our golf balls always end up in the bunker instead of the green, in hopes that we might actually learn something from these guys. Instead, we just sit back and admire it, because let's face it: no one can hit a golf ball like these guys.

By the way, who ever said that golf was a "relaxing" leisure activity? There is NOTHING relaxing about slicing the ball or putting it right on the edge of the hole. Just ask this guy:


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