This time last year Dwight Howard was contemplating on which team to go to in hopes he would find a home for the rest of his career.  He choose the Los Angeles Lakers which seemed to be a smart move but it took a turn for the worse as the season progressed.  With that said, sources have confirmed that it is very unlikely that Howard will resigns with LA.

Harry How, Gettys Images
Harry How, Gettys Images

This off-season is looking very similar to last year for the coveted big man.  Dwight (Pictured on the Left) is scheduled to meet with the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, and the Atlanta Hawks on Monday.  He will then meet with the Dallas Mavericks and LA Lakers on the following Tuesday.

Now the Lakers can pay Dwight more than anyone else with the $30 million extra they can offer, but that seems to be the only reason he would consider LA.  Although both Houston and Dallas can't pay him that $30 million, they do not have a state tax compared to the 10.3% income tax of California.  What does this mean?  In the long run, Dwight stands to make almost the same amount of money in Texas that he would in California with a much better possibility to win now and long term.

Where will he end up?  If the past few years are any indication of how Dwight Howard will handle free agency, we can expect it to take some time.

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