If anyone still questions, or wants to doubt, LeBron James as one of the best basketball players in the past 15 years, maybe ever, they need to take a very close look at this playoffs run.

The Cleveland LeBrons, sorry I mean Cavaliers, have been dragged, not carried, not pushed, but dragged to an astounding fourth Eastern Conference title in a row.

This being LeBron's eighth in a row. The only player to ever do so besides Bill Russell and two of his Celtics teammates back in the 50's and 60's.

LeBron James willed his Cavs past the Pacers. He dominated the Raptors so hard they fired their Coach of the Year candidate. And now for the third series in a row where his teammates were treading water at best, James simply would not let them go completely under against the Celtics in game 7.

In his most impressive playoff performances to date, LeBron James made sure his legacy would be cemented as not just great, but almost inconceivably awe striking. In a “weak” east, the Akron Hammer has averaged 33.9 well earned points a game in these 2018 playoffs. The rest of the roster? A whopping 69.7. That's right, LeBron has had nearly a third of Cleveland’s points this postseason. Should the rest of the roster even get to touch the Conference Finals trophy?

Are NBA fans numb to the greatness of eight straight NBA finals? Maybe. Do they realize what they've spectated due to the expectation of him being here? Probably not. Will there be Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Magic, and Duncan arguments that honestly have nothing to do with his individual career for no explainable reason? You can count on it.

One thing cannot be argued, LeBron James has had one of, if not the most, improbable playoff runs ever in 2018. Sure if the Celtics had won the series, it would be the same point for them, but they didn't win.

The Ohio Overlord wouldn't let them.

Hate on him for the decision. Hate him for not being Michael Jordan. Hate him for getting to 8 straight NBA Finals. Hate him for being a bad GM not getting him a credible roster to play with.

Just don't hate him for being great, he can't help himself.

Moving into the NBA Finals LeBron James and his misfit Cavs are -1060 underdogs. To put that in perspective the Pelicans and Spurs both had better odds against the Warriors in the Western Conference playoffs.

The Pelicans and the Kawhi-less old Spurs got more respect than LeBron James


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