USA Today, this week report that general managers across both leagues are now in favor unifying the rules across the leagues.

If the "DH in NL" movement becomes large enough, the change could be implemented as soon as the 2017 season, which would also be the start of a new labor agreement. (pictured: one current DH, Evan Gattis with Houston)

I think it would be good for MLB to finally put the DH in both leagues.  As soon as pitchers reach college baseball the bat is taken out of their hands. Why make them do something (hit) they haven't done since high school?  With constant interleague play it has become apparent there needs to be standardized rules across MLB. Also, National League teams continue to be at a disadvantage in free agency by not being able to offer the position to aging stars.

I think of 1B Albert Pujols leaving the St. Louis Cardinals for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Now, in his mid-30s, Pujols has played four seasons with the Angels.  He's seen his time at DH fluctuate over the past few years, but remain a significant portion of his playing time. In 2015, Pujols DH'ed in 62 games, 43 in 2014, 65 in 2013, and 34 in 2012. Of course, if Pujols stayed with the Cardinals he would have had to play every game at first base.

I also thought up of two additional rules changes MLB should implement as well.

The first has to do with the regular season roster.  Right now, for specific situations involving doubleheaders, a 26th player is allowed to be added above the usual 25. The pre-September 1st regular season roster should be expanded to 26 players full-time.

Last year, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred admitted there were discussions about reducing the regular season schedule from 162 games to 154. Even if eight games are taken away from the schedule the grind is still brutal for the players. Just like with the imbalance in the DH argument (in one league and not the other), if it's okay in one situation to have a 26th player on the roster, is should be done all the time. An additional player would help teams have additional depth on their bench.

The other rule change I think should be implemented in MLB also has to do with pitching.

All pitchers that enter a game should have to pitch to at least two batters (instead of the current rule of one batter), unless one of the following events occurs: ejection, end of a half-inning, or injury.

Basically, the change reduces the LOOGY phenomenon (left-handed one out guy) and helps speed up the game since there would be fewer in-game pitching changes. FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal wrote about the issue last year.  Theo Epstein with the Chicago Cubs even made a proposal for this type of rule change.

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