The Dallas Cowboys, with the 4th selection in the NFL Draft, select Ezekiel Elliot, running back from Ohio State.

He's the best running back in the class. The Cowboys want a dominant running game. It's a perfect fit.

Yes, the Cowboys have 3 running backs on the roster. Lance Dunbar is still recovering from ACL/MCL/Patella surgery he had in Decemeber. Darren McFadden stayed healthy for the first time in several years and Alfred Morris is an unknown after being replaced by a rookie last season in Washington.

Joey Bosa was picked at No. 3 so he was off the board. That left Jalen Ramsey and Elliot as the top choices at pick No. 4.

Some might say, "The Cowboys need defense! This is ridiculous!"

For those people let me tell you this, a good running game helps a defense more than a rookie corner does.

And, Elliot provides you with a better running game.

Ezekiel Elliot - NFL Draft
Getty Images - Jon Durr

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