It's Halloween week, and Texas Tech is leaning into it pretty hardcore. They've been pumping out spooky videos on their social media accounts. This Halloween interaction, and the fact that it's both a blackout and a night game, has led fans to ask: "Do we wear Halloween costumes to the game?"

To that, the football teams says:

That's good enough for me.

In the spirit of Halloween and Texas Tech here are the 5 best Halloween costumes that you can wear to the Texas Tech vs Oklahoma:

1. Baker Mayfield

I just wanted to get this out of the way. I think if fans in Lubbock were dressing up as former Texas Tech quarterback Baker Mayfield, the tandem costume beside them would be either a Fayetteville Police Officer, or Kliff Kingsbury with a sign that says "No Scholarships Available."

Side note: This pregnant woman dressed as Bob Wylie is priceless.

2. Patrick Mahomes

There have been hundreds of pictures and videos of children dressed as Patrick Mahomes since he rose to prominence in 2016. Those costumes have only grown in number this year. Take any kid, dress him as Patrick Mahomes = Instant Winner.

They are cute. And they are generally spot-on.

Here, Patrick Mahomes himself gives you the one key to being Patrick Mahomes:

3. Your favorite comic book hero

I just feel like this one is the popular thing to do. Everywhere you look, there's a new superhero movie coming out. I'm like six Marvel movies behind, but I do know the Black Panther would be a spot-on getup for this weekend's festivities. Also, Venom. That would be great.

The question is, do you want to be a grown adult in a body suit of a comic book character? That's your decision, and you're the only one that can make it.

4. A pirate

Just a pirate. No special reasons. They are scary. Some would say intimidating. It's definitely not a callback to the Mike Leach era.


Make it a pun and call yourself, Blackout Beard the Pirate, or Captain Blackout Sparrow.

5. Pennywise the Clown from IT

Just follow me here. The entire student section in Pennywise facepaint, not making a sound, staring down Kyler Murray and the Oklahoma sideline. Red balloons in hand.

Ruffin McNeill might just piss those high-waisted trousers of his.

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