One of the most recent trends on TikTok is the "poster challenge."

You know those certain posters that are geared towards men? The ones with sexy women sitting on a car or motorcycle. They could also be ones for various energy drinks, like Monster, Rockstar and Red Bull. Most common for this trend are the posters for different beer and liquor brands.

The trend is based around women getting creative and making their own versions of the posters. Many of the women participating are making the posters for their boyfriend or husband. Some are just doing it for themselves to feel empowered. All around, I think it's a pretty fun trend.

I recently came across something that made it even more fun. I was scrolling through Twitter when I came across a post mentioning the poster trend. In the cropped preview of the post's image, all I could see was a box of Capri Sun, a beachy background and a pair of legs that looked very familiar.

I opened the image to see the whole thing and was pleasantly surprised. Those legs belong to the Texas Tech mascot, Raider Red. He's standing on the beach, with a little blue bikini on and a Capri Sun in hand. Mind you, it's all somewhat wonkily photoshopped, which makes it even better.

I think this post absolutely wins the poster trend and I commend whomever decided to bring their silly idea to life and share it with the world.

Here are some other examples of the trend on TikTok:

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