Did you know Patrick Mahomes went to Texas Tech? It's somewhere between a played out joke and an obsession for most Texas Tech fans who cling to Mahomes and the Chiefs as the only Championship football they've watched in a long time, including through his time at Texas Tech. At least watched with serious rooting interest. The Chiefs are definitely the most popular team amongst Red Raider alumni and there's no questioning the reason for the love. It's the Red Raiders' own Patrick Lavon Mahomes.

Nobody loves an alumnus more than Texas Tech loves Patrick Mahomes.

Red Raiders on Twitter especially love to remind everyone that Patrick Mahomes indeed donned the Scarlet and Black.

It starts at the top of the University. From here, it's Mahomes. I mean possible.

The official account for the Athletic department wants you to remember.

The Official football account had a dozen tweets about the AFC championship and the Super Bowl.

Noted Red Raider football fan Kent Hantz is dreaming no little dreams no the way to back to back Texas Tech AFC Championships.

Famous alum Kyle Jacobson is famous purely by his association with Patrick Mahomes.

He also got his job in Lubbock based on his Red Raider connection to the Chiefs QB.

World Record holder Ivan Hall is a Red Raider, just like Patrick Mahomes.


I didn't mean to put this one in, we can all skip this one and only remember the good times.

He's a Red Raider, just like me. With a rocket arm and a 500 million dollar contract.

If you log on to Twitter and Mahomes is trending, Texas Tech will trend soon too.

I think you have mentioned it but say it again.

Even West Virginia remembers Mahomes went to Texas Tech. If only he had beaten Skyler Howard.

Just another reminder.

Mahomes has been to more Super Bowls than Bowls in college. I'm sad again.

Still rooting for Mahomes though.

There were also memes.

The bottom line is Texas Tech and all of the Red Raiders love Patrick Mahomes and we aren't going to apologize for it. We'll complain about not winning more when he was here because he's a generational talent and was hurt and still led the nation in passing with one arm and one leg but didn't make a bowl game because the defense was the worst defense ever giving up more than 40 points per game but it doesn't matter anymore because he still went to Texas Tech and now he's going to the Super Bowl for the second straight year.


Patrick Mahomes: From East Texas To NFL Stardom


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