Did you know that there are elite athletes all around America playing with frisbees? Did you know one of those elite athletes happens to play on the Texas Tech Ultimate team? Well, they do and he does.

His name is Kyle Henke and he does things like this with a frisbee, or a disc as the professionals call it.

That was a midair catch and throw whilst falling out of bounds if you didn't catch it. Henke plays for the Austin Sol, when he's not leading the Red Raiders, and his catch/throw was picked up by ESPN's Sportscenter top-10 as one of the best plays of the day.

Henke and his Sol, who play in the American Ultimate Disc League, aren't new to the scene where he's been making plays all year.

He's been so dominant the league is running twitter polls reserved for GOATs:

Apparently, we all need to follow the 2018-19 Texas Tech Tumbleweed Ultimate season to catch more incredible disc action.

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