Grant Little was dominant as a Freshman for the Red Raiders in 2017. What did Grant Little do to improve in his Sophomore season? He got better at literally everything.

He struck out less in more plate appearances. He doubled his RBI total. He hit .370 instead of the paltry .335 he hit in his freshman campaign. He hit 10 more homeruns. He upped his walk rate. His slugging percentage went up .200 points. His fielding percentage improved.

Little had a 5 hit game against Louisville. He had a 9 RBI game against K-State when he went 4 for 5 with a home run and a grand slam. It's almost laughable how great Grant Little was in his short time as a Red Raider.

Here's a few offensive highlights if you don't remember.

Here's another one.

I'll end on this one.

It's not just on the offensive side that Little shined, his defense was just as dominant.



Grant Little did so well as a Sophomore that the Padres drafted him after the 2nd round. Little made the decision final on

Good luck Grant Little, may you Milly Rock forever.

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