With the pending departure of Patrick Mahomes to the NFL and the suspension of Jett Duffey, Texas Tech is looking for answers at the depth of that position.

The Red Raiders have already signed McLane Carter, a Junior College transfer, and Xavier Martin, a high school signee.

They have now added a preferred walk-on in Luke Gonsioroski.

Gonsioroski may never see the field as a Red Raider, but it's impressive that he's even getting the chance. Just last year, he was getting an 8-pound tumor removed. He was diagnosed with cancer in the spring, went through four rounds of chemo, then lead his team to the Montana state playoffs.

In March? Cancer. By August? Competitive football. That's a fighter.

People always ask Gonsioroski, "How does it feel to be back?" His response? "I always tell them, I never left."


Kliff Kingsbury first contacted Gonsioroski by handwritten letter. Which isn't unusual in most cases, but for a lightly-recruited kid it's a nice gesture from a coach that has a reputation of being guarded and closed off.

Don't be confused: Luke Gonsioroski is not just another cancer story. This isn't a one-day make-a-wish scenario. The guy is from a small school with limited exposure, but he can straight up ball. He's coming to earn a scholarship and playing time.

"I'm going to give him everything that I got," Gonsioroski said. And that's all Texas Tech fans are asking for.


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