Texas Tech Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown joined the Williams & Hyatt


Show Thursday afternoon to talk about the current state of the Red Raider offense among other things.

Topics discussed include where coach Brown thinks the program is today compared to a year ago around this time.

"Well I think the word that you would use is everything's more settled right now, and what I mean by that is its not a circus around the program like it was maybe a year ago," Brown said.

Brown also touched on the unity the offensive line should have this upcoming season, and talked about who will fill Detron Lewis and Lyle Leong's shoes.

"Maybe we don't have a guy that catches 19 touchdowns, but maybe we have two, one that catches nine and the other one catches ten and we can get the same production from Lyle's position," Brown said.

Coach Brown also talked about the QB position and had nothing but high praise for Seth Doege.