Texas Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown recently commented on the fracture in the Texas Tech fan base since the departure of Mike Leach.

In a recent media appearence Brown stated, “I understand the passionate fan base. I really do. I think the difference here is the split fan base. I think at year three it’s time to wrap it up. Let’s get on board with this. We’re either going to produce or we’re not and I strongly think we will produce. I think we need to come together as one.”

Brown also pointed out that Texas Tech football fans are as rabid and passionate about their team as Kentucky fans are about their basketball program.

Brown, who is in a tough spot, and perhaps taken more criticism from fans than anybody else understands the importance of this football season. If Texas Tech has another losing season, Brown, and the rest of the coaching staff understand that they will most likely be looking for jobs for the upcoming football season.

In reference to the upcoming football season, Brown stated that, “Red Raider nation, let’s get on the positive. We’ve got 20 out of 22 starters coming back, a great schedule and a returning quarterback. We’ve got a group of receivers that are very talented. Four returning O-linemen and we’ve got a great experienced defensive coordinator coming in.

How do you think the Red Raiders will do this football season? What would be a successful season in our eyes?