After losing 55-24 to Kansas State last week, the Texas Tech Red Raiders look to bounce back against the Texas Longhorns on Saturday. The Red Raiders are still in position to earn a top-tier Big 12 bowl position if they can win at least two of their last four games. Saturday's game gets underway at 2:30p at Jones AT&T Stadium and it will be broadcast regionally on ABC.

Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville knows this week's game is a big one for the Red Raiders, "The game this week, Texas is a big game for us. Big game any time we play a team in the State of Texas. There are four of us now, and we have three games each year. They've had a good year. They've struggled up-and-down in some areas as we have. Pretty similar, same record (at (6-2),(3-2))."

The Longhorns have used two quarterbacks this season, David Ash and Case McCoy. Coach Tuberville was asked if that adversely affects the Red Raiders defensive preparation, "Yeah, but I think it's probably harder, but it's probably a detriment to the other team too. It's almost impossible to practice two quarterbacks. One quarterback gets about 75% of the snaps, another gets 25%. So they'll have a starting quarterback.

"We'll prepare for Ash. My understanding is they named him the starter today, but we'll prepare for both. But most of the time and we'll do in this game is prepare for the offense, because you can't run two different offenses."

Longhorn freshman running back Jonathan Gray was named an offensive starter this week by Mack Brown. Tuberville talked about Gray's play this season, "He was one of
their wildcat guys earlier in the season. We recruited Jonathan. A great running back in high school, had a great career. I'm not surprised where he's at.

"It will be a challenge for us. With his dad playing here, I'm sure it will be a little incentive for him to play well, play hard and him being a starter for, I guess, the first time that he's been named the starter."

Rob Snyder,
Rob Snyder,

Texas Tech starting quarterback Seth Doege (pictured, right) says his team will play better this week against the Longhorns, "I think there is a little fire burning inside of us after what happened on Saturday because that was such a great opportunity for us. We were so prepared. I think we had a really good week of practice. I don't think anybody saw that coming. It was just a couple of turnovers that at the time kind of put us in a bind. So we feel like we still need to play with the edge, and feel like we need -- every weekend, we need to prove ourselves that we're a top-notch program and a top-notch football team, and that's the way we want to play this Saturday."

Tight end Jace Amaro is still questionable for the Red Raiders after missing the last two games. Tuberville says it will be up to the doctors to clear him for Saturday's game.

The Red Raiders will be wearing special "Texas Pride" uniforms from Under Armour (pictured, above) for Saturday's game. Also, a limited number of tickets are still available as well. Countdown to Kickoff with Steve Dale gets underway at 11:30a on Saturday and FAN Feedback from The Roof starts immediately after the game with Scott Fitzgerald and Allen Corbin.