I was just perusing the game notes for the Houston game that Texas Tech football put out and they had a paragraph there about the broadcast.

This paragraph:

The game will air live regionally on ABC with a reverse mirror on ESPN2. Mike Patrick (play-by-play) will call the action alongside analyst and former Red Raider head coach Tommy Tuberville. They will be joined by sideline reporter Paul Carcaterra.

Two incredible things for the people of Lubbock here. One: a national audience. The local crowd will be able to take in the 11 a.m. kick off on ABC, while the rest of the country will see it on ESPN2. That's fun. Two, and arguably the best thing that's happened on the young season: TOMMY TUBERVILLE is going to call the game as an analyst.

Now, I'm not one for drama, but I love a good angle, and this is the best angle I've seen in a long, long time. If you didn't know, Tommy Tuberville used to coach at Texas Tech and he didn't leave on the greatest terms.

It's not great because I'm going to enjoy the broadcast. It's great because he's going to say something stupid and it's going to blow up. I just hope I can stay awake through the doldrums of his self-aggrandizing style of commentary long enough to hear it.

(Just a note: I've never heard his commentary; I just assumed that's his style.)

Here are the top 3 things I want to see or hear from Tommy Tuberville on Saturday afternoon:

  1. Tommy getting so mad at his broadcast partner he slaps his headset off.
  2. He describes a broken tackle with "He was left with the bill at the 50 yard line."
  3. Tommy doubles down on how Lubbock is like Iraq.

I'm throwing all of my coins into the fountains of Lubbock and blowing out packages of birthday candles making the wish the Tommy Tuberville broadcast goes sideways.

Here's to hoping.


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